Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Going to the Beach!

It may rain the entire time, but I'm pretty excited at the thought of being there. Not here, but there. There's nothing wrong with here, but there seems awfully nice at the moment. Ella's recently been crowned Little Miss Grumpy Pants, a title of which we are quite proud, and I'm hoping that the change of scenery will cause her teeth to complete the process of growing in. The salty air will do that, right?

There is a problem. The girls, Edwin, Micah, and I are all going to be in the van, along with the gargantuan stroller that we rarely go anywhere without. It's a great stroller, but I'm afraid that it's threatening our spacial freedom. In fact, Micah just walked in and informed me that it may not be possible to take his stuff with us. Don't worry. My parents are coming tonight, and they will be able to bring it... hopefully. I don't think I could handle Micah wearing the same pair of underpants for more than two days.

It's hard for pre-baby individuals to imagine all the stuff that a little person requires for even the simplest of trips. A beach trip isn't quite the simplest, either. It requires bathing suits (even if they never get in the water, little kids are so stinkin' cute in their little bathing suits.), tons of sunscreen, three changes of clothing per day since they'll get wet and sandy every two hours, and various weather apparel to deal with moody clouds. There's always that fear that you're going to forget something that is absolutely essential.

My greatest hope for this little vacation is that I'll get some sort of color on my skin. I don't tan. That isn't on the menu, but I can hope to be a slightly deeper shade of off-white. Maybe a tad bit of healthy pink? When all else fails, there is always bronzer, another item I rarely go anywhere without.

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