Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where in Alabama?

We are currently in Mobile. DeLaynie was able to run around the beach for a couple of hours this morning before we left the beach. It was a pretty day. If you're ever having a drought, let us know, and we can come, bringing a nice monsoon with us. Once you're tired of it, we'll leave, and the weather will be restored to its previously dry state. It's a magical thing, really.

Edwin speaks to the church where he held his first paid ministry position. He was the part time minister to youth there from the time of his freshman year until we left Mobile to head to ol' Kentucky. He built some good relationships there, and I know that he is very excited about enjoying some time with old friends. I was able to see two of the bridemaids from my wedding, one of whom I hadn't seen since the wedding. It was good to see them both, though I think mommy Hannah might have weirded them out a bit ;).

Today we told my little brother Micah goodbye. It was strange, and sad. I have to admit, this whole going overseas thing still hasn't "hit me," but I'm not totally sure that it will. It didn't hit me that we were having a baby, even after she was born. It just kind of happened, and I went with it. That seemed to turn out okay. Maybe I can get into this whole missionary gig completely free of being hit. Check back for updates on the emotional violence of fully comprehending a situation for which you are completely unprepared.

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