Sunday, March 29, 2009


I spent a large amount of time clicking away with my camera during our trip to southern Alabama. I realize that I've had a lot of picture-oriented posts recently. You may be thinking that it has to do with some crazy idea that I've decided to start taking my photography skills more seriously, or maybe you think that I've decided that my children are simply too gorgeous to keep all to myself. To be totally honest, I just find it easier to post a bunch of photos than to write something incredibly interesting. I'm just not too fascinating these days. Amidst all of the crazy stuff going on with packing, preparing for the next big yard sale, and getting all of the documents in order for the adventure that awaits us, you would think that I could come up with something at least mildly amusing to share. But... not so much. I think my brain is playing catch-up with life. For now, you'll just have to look at all of the pictures of people that you may not even know in real life.

Now, before I get into the normal pictures of the girls and family time, I want to make a very special announcement. I have a little brother who, against all odds, remains single...

I mean, check this fella out. How he is still on the market, I simply do not know.


But Gentle (like, literally, it's a part of his name).

He does have a strange mole, though. Dude, it's time to see a dermatologist.

It really is shocking that no one has grabbed this guy up yet, eh ladies?

Well, Micah may not have found love on the beach, but DeLaynie sure did.

You see that shovel? It was rarely more than four feet from her. It belongs to the grandson of the beach home's owners. DeLaynie went here with it.

She went there with it...

And sometimes she dug with it.

We're talking for two days, she and her shovel were b.f.f., except for Daddy, of course.

She liked the dog and all, but it still didn't have much on the shovel.

Edwin and I were there, too.

His face does this weird contortionist thing whenever a camera is in the nearby vicinity. It doesn't make for the most attractive photos in the world, but we were able to get a couple at the wedding in which he didn't look completely inhuman. For a good-lookin' man, he sure has trouble taking a posed shot.

Ella learned to write while we were gone. No, really. She totally did. We're publishing her book, Everything I Need to Know, I Learned in the Womb, next month. It's pretty dense philosophy and prose, but I think that it could possibly change the world. Now, if I could figure out a way to get it to change her diaper...

Big 'D' and Ella. "So sweet!" as DeLaynie would put it.

Gigi and a very tired, and hungry, Ella.

Yep. There's a bow in her hair. She didn't eat it or anything.

More lovey time on Daddy's shoulder. This kid loves a good cuddle, so long as it doesn't interfere with food.

Hey look! Here's a picture with all four of us in it! Thanks to the pastor of Edwin's previous church in Mobile for taking it. We may not all be entirely gleeful, but you can see each and every one of us.

Here's me and my man again. And yes, that is the $9 dress I bought at the outlet. Not a bad purchase, huh?

We had a great time this week. We got to see some people whose company we hadn't enjoyed in several years. We also got to meet the sons of two couples Edwin and I knew from Mobile. Good looking fellas, and I mean the babies. Not the dads. That would be entirely inappropriate.
We enjoyed being at the church and seeing people that we hadn't seen since leaving almost five years ago. It's a strange thing, going back to where you've been. I should probably just think of strange as par for the course. I don't yet, but give me time. I'm sure that super-nature will become second nature soon enough.

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Marian said...

Your little ones are too cute! Glad you all had a fun trip. Nothing like time at the beach! I've got a girlfriend who is still single...hmmm.